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Month: April 2018

Still doing.

Still doing.

Hey Interwebs,

It’s been a while. I mean we’ve been talking constantly but I haven’t updated my blog. I’ve been busy. Which is good and bad. I think I might have to give something up. Won’t be my blog though. ( The stuff I write needs to get published somewhere.) I know what I want to cut through.

I meant to get really into political cartooning, after all, there is plenty of material. Strangely enough, that ends up being the problem. There’s too much material.  In order for a political cartoon to have the most punch it needs to be relevant in the moment it’s read in my opinion. Relevance does not last long in the current climate. News that happened an hour ago will be overshadowed by something that happens an hour from now. Art on that kind of schedule is hard, so I think I can let it go and not feel too bad.  I won’t give up writing about politics it from time to time. I may draw a political idea, but I will focus on concepts that are important for more than a few moments.

I’m still learning, still drawing, still writing, still doing and that is the important thing.

We’ll talk gain soon,