You what they say about best laid plans of mice and me often going ka-plowie? Well just as I started getting this site together I had a ka-plowie. A family member falling deathly ill. So naturally everything takes a back seat to that. I am grateful now with said family member recovering I can get back to my best laid plan: My next post here.
What? I didn’t say is was a important plan, just the best laid one.

I couple of months ago a friend of mine was having a rough day at work in her customer service job. She said she wanted to hand out MDKs all. Originally ‘MDK’ is from the wonderfully terrible movie Demolition Man. It’s been adopted by music and gaming nowadays, but its not really a pleasant thing to hand people.. Go look it up. I’ll wait.

As you can see ‘MDK’s are a little on the violent side. While I can’t condone violence I can condone stickers! For no other reason than to cheer up a grumpy friend I whipped this up in Adobe Illustrator. This sticker that could be handed out to anyone who “needed” one. Who could say no to a cute sticker like this?


Hi! This is me.

Hi! This is me.

I’m C.P. Franklin, artist by day, gamer by night and writer by necessity. I’m a professional caricature artist, making silly drawings of tourist. That’s right, I make fun of peoples faces for a living. Not a bad gig if you’ve got the guts to do it. Like most other artists, I do graphic design on the side. Logos, illustration, menus, you name it. I draw other things too. I dabble in fan art. Lately I’ve created emotes and emojis that don’t exist but should. For me art is both profession and hobby, which is fine by me.

I’m also a gamer. A pc gamer. A female pc gamer. Yes, we exist. Yes, I built my own rig. No, I won’t post the specs. It’s not fancy. Having said all that to verify my gaming identity, I must admit, when it comes to PvP games I am what’s known as a filthy casual. I play a little Overwatch. I play alot of Heroes of the Storm. I’m a tank player. For those who are non-gamers, that means I protect my teammates and set up flashy plays for others. Not much glory in it, but the tank is the backbone of the team. I’ve been know to play support/healer rarely. It’s less fun for me, and a lot more stressful. I like my single player games too. Light games where it’s me against the world, like Don’t Starve or Terraria. I’m also a sucker for a good puzzle game as well. And I love fighting games, I’m not great at those, but beating up pixels is the best way to relieve stress.

Now, the bit about being a writer. I’m a writer because I can’t seem to escape writing. There are stories I want to tell. Actually it’s more like there are stories in my head that demand to be told. This is highly annoying because writing is hard for me. Spelling is annoying and grammar seems impossible, but I have to get the words out of my head for mind maintenance purposes. They can, and do, make me a little crazy if I don’t get them out. This craziness happens with artwork too but that seems much easier to manage. Sometimes I need to do one, sometimes I need to do the other.

So welcome to my little piece of the the internet where I’ll share my art, my thoughts, and any other strangeness that I might create.